What is the Village of New Hyde Park going to look like in the year 2012?  How about 2017?  Or even 2022?  The Village is clearly at a crossroad as we ponder the ramifications of the LIRR Main Line Corridor Improvement Project commonly known as the “Third Track” issue.  Added to this is the effort of the Master Plan Committee to come up with a visionary design for our Village’s future which maintains the suburban character of our community while at the same time addresses the need to eliminate and minimize retail vacancies on Jericho Turnpike.  The combination of these two factors has the potential to alter the landscape of this Village and the surrounding community for years to come. 

There are some who believe that all change is good and others who believe that maintaining the status quo is always the most prudent course of action.  We can't view the future with a lens that is too narrow nor too broad in scope.  We need to judge the merits of the changes being proposed, with a respect for the past, combined with an enthusiasm for what could be.  The decisions that this Board ultimately makes combined with those decisions being made by the LIRR and our State representatives have the potential to devastate this community or revitalize it.

We encourage all residents to take an interest in both the LIRR Main Line Corridor Improvement Project and the Master Plan.  Over the next several months, there will be opportunities for the community to preview the proposed Master Plan.  The input from our residents will help us to develop a plan which best serves the Village in the short term and over the long run.


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