2016 ROAD 



Mix -in-Place on 1st Avenue and paving of South 10th Street



Paving of Park Avenue between Terrace Blvd and the Village Line


The 2016 Road Improvement Project

The largest and most comprehensive road improvement project in the last 25 years has begun. The road improvement project includes approximately two miles or 10,905 linear feet of roadway. Roads in the base project total 8,985 linear feet and roads in the add/alternatives project total 1,920 linear feet. The chart below outlines the roads included in this project. Road selections were based on a road grading analysis conducted by Village Engineers Dvirka & Bartilucci.

The cost of this project is estimated at $2.2 million which includes design, bid documents, plans, and asphalt pavement replacement and may include driveway aprons, sidewalks, and concrete curb replacements as needed to meet the new street grade. The Village will borrow up to $1.5 million to help fund this project and the Board is confident that the Village will maintain its favorable AA+ credit rating which will help the Village secure a lower interest rate. The design work is just beginning and, upon completion, bids solicitations will be issued. Although weather plays a big role, road construction will begin late Spring and continue to Summer. Information on this project and its progress will continue to be provided at Board Meetings, in future Newsletters, on the Village website, and in the local newspapers.

Residents living on impacted streets will be notified in advance of the construction starting and parking instructions will be provided. Please be extra cautious when driving through the Village during the road construction. Your safety is always a top priority. If you have questions or want further information, please call DPW Supt. Tom Gannon at (516) 354-0064.


Roads to be done


Street Name From Street To Street
Terrace Blvd. Jericho Tpke Lowell Ave
Park Av. Ingraham La. Central Blvd.
Lincoln Av. Ingraham La. New Hyde Park Rd.
Brooklyn Av. North Second St. Cherry Lane
North Third St. Lowell Av. Bryant Ave
North First St. Brooklyn Av. Lowell Ave
Plaza Av. Hoffman Rd. New Hyde Park Rd.
Hoffman Rd. Plaza Av. Jericho Tunpike
South Fourth St. First Av. Jericho Tunpike
South Scond St. First Av. Jericho Tunpike
South Eleventh St. Third Av. Sixth Ave
Hillside Blvd Jericho Tunpike Brooklyn Av.
Add / Alternates    
Washington Av. Ingraham La. New Hyde Park Rd.
North Sixth St. Brooklyn Av. Lowell Av.
Third Av. Baer Pl. South 12th St.









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