Deputy Mayor Lawrence J. Montreuil

Term April 2013 - April 2017



Trustee Richard A. Coppola Jr.

Term April 2011 - April 2015



Trustee Donald B. Barbieri

Term April 2013 - April 20017



Trustee Donna M. Squicciarino

Term April 2013 - April 20014



Mayor Lofaro appoints Donna M Squicciarino as Trustee


At the beginning of the April 22, 2013 meeting of the New Hyde Park Village Board or Trustees, newly elected Mayor Robert Lofaro appointed Donna Squicciarino as Trustee to fill the unexpired term of his former role.  Lofaro, who was elected to the office of Mayor on March 19, 2013, had resigned from his position as Trustee on April 1, 2013 with two years remaining in that term so he could become Mayor.


Donna Squicciarino is a CPA and has been a resident of the Village of New Hyde Park for 16 years. She brings a strong financial background with experience in property taxes, accounting, finance and budgeting. She has been employed for the past several years as the part-time District Treasurer for the Sewanhaka Central High School District and Mineola School District.  Prior to her current roles, she worked for Fleet Securities and PriceWaterhouseCoppers. 

Donna and her husband Joe have 2 young children and are very active members of the Village community.  She believes that the safety of our children, maintaining our suburban lifestyle and preserving our village community are extremely important. 

While this will be Donna's first significant role in community service, she is anxious to contribute and participate in helping to keep the Village of New Hyde Park the “best place to live!”

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The legislative body of a Village, the Board of Trustees, is comprised of the Mayor and four Trustees.  The members of the Board of Trustees are elected for a four year terms and has authority as set forth in Section 4-412 of the Village Law. The general power granted under this section provides they: “shall have management of Village property and finances, may take all measures and do all acts, by local law, not inconsistent with the provisions of the constitution, and not inconsistent with the general law except as authorized by Municipal Home Rule Law, which shall be deemed expedient or desirable for good government of the Village, its management and business, the protection of its property, the safe , health, comfort, and general welfare of its inhabitants, the protection of their property, the preservation of peace and good order, the suppression of vice, the benefit of trade, and the preservation and protection of public works.” This extremely broad grant of powers enables the Board of Trustees to adopt a wide range of local laws to address Village concerns, as long as the action taken in not inconsistent with the constitution or general laws of the State.  The specific requirements to be eligible to hold an elective Village office: one must be 18 years of age or older, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of the Village.


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