Due to the impending snowstorm, Mayor Montreuil has asked for your cooperation with the following. This will greatly assist our DPW crews who will be working very hard to clear our roads.

1.-Please refrain from parking on village roads as much as possible. This is to enable snowplows to run safely and efficiently through the village roads.

2.-When clearing driveways, pile snow on the sides of aprons. Do not dump snow back into the street.  This only exacerbates the efforts of DPW crews and makes roads worse for your neighbors.

3.-Please work to keep sidewalks clear, but please don’t overdo it. Please help elderly neighbors.

4.-Please dig out nearby fire hydrants.

5.-If you have an emergency, call 911 of the NHP Fire Department at 516 742-3300

6.-Call the Village DPW at 516 354-0064 for other assistance.

7.-Download and use the village app: MyVNHP to raise a service ticket and receive updates.

8.-Sanitation service will continue as normal throughout the snow emergency. Please put trash out as you normally do.

We greatly appreciate your understanding, cooperation, and assistance as we navigate the storm together.

Thank you.