Dear Residents:

As we have been announcing at our Village Board Meetings, this upcoming weekend August 23 – 26, 3TC and Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) will look to achieve a major milestone with the “Push” of the bridge for the Covert Avenue Overpass. This is significant as it supports the re-opening of Covert Ave in October 2019.  Unfortunately, to achieve this milestone, this effort will require work throughout the entire weekend (including overnight) and will result in noticeable increases in traffic, noise, and lighting.  We can expect to experience a large number of construction workers and vehicles in and around the area, working around the clock.  There will be 50 – 60 trucks carrying materials to and from the site with the heaviest truck traffic beginning at 4 am on Saturday.  The primary truck route will include Jericho Turnpike, South 12th Street, Fifth Avenue, Premier Boulevard and Third Avenue.  There will be a significant police presence in the area. The New Hyde Park Fire Department has been alerted.  There are no anticipated interruptions in utility services as a result of the construction.  The work will also result in substantial changes to LIRR service over the weekend. This activity will start Friday August 23 with continuous construction, 24 hours a day, until Monday August 26, 2019.

This week we were also informed that the MTA will need to store ballast for this event, and have identified 4 Storage Areas (100ft x 12ft). The areas are located on 2nd, 3rd and Wayne Avenue, but the exact locations are subject to change.  Single lane street access will be maintained for residents and emergency vehicles.

We understand residents in and around the immediate area of the construction have been contacted by the 3TC Community Outreach about the activities of this event.

 We all have endured and experienced many adverse effects as a result of all the construction; however, this weekend will probably be one of the most disruptive.  While residents may want to take the opportunity to view this activity, the Village Board recommends to avoid traveling in an around 2nd and 3rd Ave between Covert and South 12th Street. South 12th Street should also be avoided as it is understood that the MTA will be utilizing South 12th Street, as an access point to bring on Track construction vehicles. 

Thank you again for your patience. The light is at the end of the tunnel for Covert Ave.  For the long-term, the elimination of the grade crossings will bring immediate benefits in terms of a safer and uninterrupted flow of traffic and reduced noise from train horns.  Should there be any issue or question, please be sure to contact the 3TC Hotline at 516-203-4955 or email at  If you plan to travel by rail over the weekend, please visit for schedule information.


Lawrence J. Montreuil          

Tr. Rainer Burger