The Board of Assessors are appointed by the Village Board for a one year term.  The primary duty of the Board of Assessors are to review and determine an assessed value for property in the Village. This assessed value is used to determine the Village tax that will be levied for each parcel that is located in the Village.

2020-21 Final Assessment Roll

2020-21 Tax Certiorari Petition Filing Update

Kenneth Wunsch – Assessor

Village Tax Assessment Grievance Day

Village Tax Assessment Tax Grievance Day is the 3rd Tuesday of February. If you feel your Village tax assessment is higher than it should be, you are welcome to meet with the Village Tax Assessor prior to or on Tax Grievance Day. The Tax Assessor is available every Wednesday from 9 AM to 12 Noon. Appointments are not required, but it is advisable to call ahead.

The Assessor will also be available on the 3rd Tuesday in February from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm and appointments are required.

Upon submitting a tax grievance, the Tax Assessor will review your current assessment and compare it to similar houses that have been recently sold in the Village. If you file a Tax Grievance, an inspection of the property will be required to ensure that the Building Department records are up to date. Unlike Nassau County Assessment, which can vary from year to year according to market value, Village assessments are not adjusted unless you make physical changes to your property or you grieve your assessed value.