Office Hours: Monday – Friday
8:45 AM – 4:15 PM
Telephone: (516) 354-0022
Fax: (516) 354-6004

Binu Pillay
Supt. of the Building Department

Darren Merims
Secretary to the Planning Board

Paul Pesale
Building Inspector

Code Enforcement
Building Code and Parking Enforcement

Village Code Book

Village Forms

Village Fees
Please verify fee schedule with the Building Department

Village Zoning Map

The Building Department is responsible for overseeing all building activity within the Village, including:

  • Permit Processing & Issuance – Permits are required for roof, fence, building, plumbing, dumpster, and a street opening. (see forms library)
  • Insurance Certification – Contractors are required to maintain appropriate and updated insurance certification
  • Plan Review
  • Building File Maintenance
  • Building & Zoning Code Adherence
  • Rental Registration
  • Illegal Occupancy Investigation