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This department consists of three crews for a total of nine (9) employees who pick up trash from over 3,000 homes and businesses in our Village. No items can be placed on the street for collection earlier than 7PM the evening before the collection date.


The Draft of the Village 2020 Stormwater Management Program Annual Report is now available for public review on the Village’s website ( and at the Department of Public Works in Village Hall. The Village Stormwater Management Program Plan Documents are also available for public review at the Department of Public Works in Village Hall. Comments and questions on the Village Stormwater Management Program can be submitted to the Department of Public Works in Village Hall, (516)354-0064 or

2018 Road Improvement Project

In October, the Village Board recently awarded the 2018 Road Improvement Project Bid to Pratt Brothers, a general road construction contractor with offices throughout Long   Island.   Four bids were considered ranging in price from $479,557 to $530,775. Pratt Brothers submitted the lowest bid.

The 2018 Road Improvement Project is much smaller than past road projects. This year’s project involves reconstruction of two sections of roads totaling 1,975 linear feet:

South 9th Street from 6th Avenue to 3rd Avenue

North 6th Street from Lowell to Bryant Avenues

Road construction includes asphalt pavement rehabilitation using a stabilized mix in place base with new binder and top course asphalt, driveway aprons, and concrete curb replacements as needed.

A breakdown of the total project expenses include $82,000 for design work, $37,000 for bid services and construction   inspections, and $479,557 for roadway construction.  The    majority of these expenses will be funded through a NYS DOT Grant obtained in 2017.

Road construction began a few weeks ago in late October. If favorable weather conditions continue, the project should be completed by mid December.  By now you have probably seen the road crews out.  We ask all residents to be extra   cautious when driving or walking around a construction site.

If you have questions regarding this project or parking around the construction sites, please call  DPW at 354-0064.

A New DPW Facility Is Coming!

 Plans are still in the early stages, but we want to share some exciting news.  Grant funding has been secured to tear down and reconstruct a new DPW facility.   The existing building is old, outdated, and does not provide the proper space, technology, or layout.   Last month the architectural firm Gannett Fleming was selected to design the new facility. Once the building design is finalized, the project will go out for bid.  Construction is expected to take 12 months to complete.  During this time, DPW personnel will continue to provide the same high level of service, although from a temporary off-site facility.  During construction, vehicles, equipment, and staff may be relocated to Nuzzi Field.  This is a interim solution which will require the temporary     closure of Nuzzi Park. We will continue to keep you updated as plans develop on the new DPW facility.

 Tree Planting Program

Curb-side tree plantings will resume in the Spring.  If you want to be added to the list for a new tree, please call the Department of Public Works.  An inspection will be conducted first to ensure that the site can sustain a new planting.    Instructions on the care of your new tree will be provided at the time of planting.  Trees are essential for maintaining a healthy    environment and the suburban landscape of this community.  Trees clean the air, filter dangerous UVA/UVB light, and provide shelter and food for wildlife.  We hope you take advantage of the tree planting program.

Snow Removal

Winter finally arrived and its arrival came with our first significant snow/wind event in early January.   These storm events are a reminder to be ready for the next storm that may come our way.  Planning ahead is key to managing any weather event.  The Village Code requires that residents and business owners clear their sidewalks of snow/ice within 24 hours of the storm ending. The Department of Public Works plows Village streets, curb to curb.  In order to conduct a safe and efficient operation, DPW needs your help and cooperation. Here’s what you can do:

  • Do not park on the street during snow events.
  • Minimize your travel during snow events. If you must drive, please be patient and cautious.
  • Snow from your driveway and sidewalk should be shoveled onto the back, side, or front of your property. Do not throw snow onto the street.  Not only is that a dangerous practice, but it’s also against the law.  Having snow removal teams return to the same street multiple times increases the cost and time necessary to clear the roads.
  • Remove snow from your vehicle while it’s parked in your driveway and certainly before you travel.
  • Please allow the snow removal team the time and the space they need to do their job.

Working together, we can make this another successful snow removal season.  If you have any questions, please call the Department of Public Works at (516) 354-0064.

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