Resident “R” Parking Permits

Residents can begin to purchase the 2020 Resident parking permit on Monday, December 2nd at the Village Clerk’s Office. The annual fee remains unchanged at $100 for the year. Residents must present a current driver’s license, vehicle registration, and utility bill as proof of Village residency. If you rent an apartment or a house in the Village, a current lease agreement must also be presented to verify residency. Parking permits can be purchased Monday through Friday, during regular business hours from 8:45 am – 4:15 pm. On Wednesday, December 11th, the Village Clerk’s Office will remain open through 8:00 pm for the sole purpose of selling the Resident parking permit. The 2020 “R” parking permit must be affixed to your car by Monday, January 6th in order to be in compliance with Village Code. If you have any questions or need further information, please call the Village Clerk’s Office at (516) 354-0022.

Resident “R” Parking Permit

Muni-Meter Parking

In December 2019 the Village had the Parkeon Muni-Meter System installed at the LIRR station. A Muni-Meter system is a centralized parking meter program that provides drivers with the speed and convenience to pay for parking without the need to pre-purchase vouchers. The system also offers a flexible and convenient way to pay for daily voucher parking, such as cash, credit cards, and on-line payments through the flowbird mobile parking app.
Six machines have been installed along 2nd and 3rd Avenues. The Muni-Meter daily parking fee is $5. The parking vouchers can still be used until they expire. No refunds will be given for unused parking vouchers.

If you have questions or need further information, please call the Code Enforcement Unit at (516)354-0064.

Temporary Municipal Parking Lots

During the construction project additional Municipal parking has been made available for LIRR commuters.

  • Holy Spirit Parking Lot (Covert Avenue and 1st Avenue)
  • Covert Avenue Parking Lot (Covert Avenue and 2nd Avenue)

Special “Class B” Parking Permits

These are permits issued to residents whose homes were constructed before off-street parking requirements became Village law. As such, these residences do not have driveways or garages and they are afforded space on the street to park. They pay a fee of $50 per year and these spots are marked by signs indicating “Special Parking District.”

Please call Code Enforcement at 354-0064 for any questions regarding parking in the Village.