There are so many factors that contribute to a successful community. The most important component are the people that reside in the neighborhood. In our ongoing effort to bring us together, we are so proud to share the life stories of the special individuals that live in our Village. They are our friends, neighbors and fellow residents. Their stories may not be well known beyond the borders of New Hyde Park, but they are a significant part of our past, present and future. We cherish them as part of the beautiful mosaic of our community and thank them for choosing our Village as their home. This project is the product of our outstanding and hardworking group of interns. Special thanks go to Emma Fabilli for the video shoot and editing, Kayla Mahoney for the voice over and Hailey Zachariah and Faiza Ahmed for conducting the interviews. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas for future subjects of these interviews, please contact us at

Edgar Teepe

Tommy Kane