August 4, 2020

Dear Neighbors,

Tropical storm Isaias has caused a great deal of damage throughout the Village.  I drove every passable street that had signs of damage and encountered many downed trees and broken branches.  Many people told me that they lost power.  Everyone I spoke with seemed in good spirits, despite the damage.  I am not aware of any injuries or fatalities. 

Debbie Mahorta was manning the phones at Village Hall and compiled a list of all the reported incidents.  When I stopped at Village Hall around 6:00 pm, the list included:

Branches Down:               29

Trees Down:                      30

Incidents:                           59

The phone was still ringing when I left Village Hall to continue my review of the damage.  In comparison, we had 86 trees and large branches down from Superstorm Sandy.  As was the case with Sandy, many wires have been brought down around the Village.  Many Village residents are without power.

DPW & Building Superintendent Tom Gannon, Deputy DPW Superintendent Igor Sikiric, DPW Foreman Sean Murphy and the entire DPW crew were activated and have been out clearing roads where they can.  They are closing roads where there are downed wires.  DPW has been assisted by CON-KEL who has dispatched several trucks and crews to work for New Hyde Park.  The private contractor is working exclusively for the Village of New Hyde Park.  This is a great help as they have been tackling a lot of the big jobs where trees are down on houses.  Both DPW and CON-KEL can only work where there the branches are free of wires.  DPW will coordinate with PSEG when those scenes are made safe.  DPW was working until 9:30pm Tuesday night.  They will be back at it in the morning.

PSEG reports 368,000 customers out of 1,100,000 are without power.  Presently, PSEG shows 33 power outages in New Hyde Park.  I suspect there are more.  From talking to people on the street, I can say that it is very sporadic and isolated.  We will continue to work with PSEG to get power restored in New Hyde Park.

As of Tuesday evening, utility crews were just starting out to begin the restoration process.  PSEG will prioritize essential services, such as hospitals, fire houses, etc.  Then they will target the outages that affect the greatest number of customers and work their way down.  Local outages affecting one or two homes will be lower on the list.  We are getting regular updates from our PSEG municipal liaison. 

Here are some important numbers:

SituationAgencyTelephone Number
Fire /RescueNew Hyde Park Fire Department516 742-3300
Police EmergencyNassau County Police Department911
Electrical Power OutagePSEG800 490-0075
Gas OdorNational Grid800 490-0045
Tree / Branch DownNew Hyde Park Village DPW516 354-0064

I will provide further updates as they become available.

Thank you and stay safe.


Lawrence J. Montreuil

Mayor, Village of New Hyde Park


Lawrence J. Montreuil

Mayor, Village of New Hyde Park