January 22, 2019

Dear Neighbors,

Here are a few updates from this past week on some items impacting New Hyde Park.

LIRR Third Track Update

Trustee Rainer Burger, Deputy Village Attorney Peter Trendecost and I attended a monthly Mayor’s Meeting with the LIRR and their design-build contractor, 3TC on Wednesday, January 16th.  LIRR officials provided an update on the mega-project that is coming quickly into focus – like a speeding train approaching the crossing.

Please see important information in the LIRR Third Track Bulletin on this site.

AIM Funding

I was very disappointed to learn that the Governor’s budget contains an elimination of an important funding stream from New York State to most municipalities, including New Hyde Park. The move will eliminate $189,904 of revenue from New Hyde Park’s budget.  Removal of those funds are likely to impact services such as tree trimming, tree removal and tree planting in the village.

The Governor’s budget proposes to eliminate AIM (Aid and Incentives to Municipalities), a program designed to support local governments after Albany stopped Revenue Sharing with small villages and towns and imposed a 2% property tax cap.

The combined effect of capping our ability to generate revenue needed to deliver municipal services, without decreasing state mandates that drive expenses and now removing a significant revenue stream is a triple blow to our finances and makes one consider if there is a strategy at work to drive local governments from existence.  Ironically, it is local governments that operate far more efficiently and are closer to the people than county, state and federal governments.  Local governments provide essential services like sanitation removal, street paving, building inspections and regulation of parking restrictions.  Local governments like the Village of New Hyde Park regulates land use through zoning code to protect the character of the community.

But such things as “free tuition” and other “free” services must be paid by someone.  Apparently, Albany thinks taxpayers should pay for these things through reduced services that affect the quality and character of your suburban neighborhood.

Last year, the total AIM payments to all 531 NYS villages was just $19.7 million, one hundredth of one percent (0.01%) of NYS’s $171.7 billion budget.  The total AIM payments to all Long Island villages in prior years has been only $6.8 million per year.  AIM funding has not increased in 10 years.

Please write to your New York State representatives and urge them to restore AIM funding in this year’s budget.

Assessment Meeting

New Hyde Park, Floral Park and Stewart Manor cancelled a joint meeting to try to better understand the changes to the county assessment program and its impact to residents.  We invited the County Executive and the County Assessor to this meeting to explain the changes.  Unfortunately, we did not get a timely response and had to cancel the meeting.  We encourage residents to attend Nassau County Presiding Officer, Rich Nicolello’s Tax Assessment Grievance Workshop – Monday, February 4th – 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM – Clinton G. Martin Park – New Hyde Park Rd., & Marcus Ave., New Hyde Park.

Rental Registration

Lastly, I would like to remind property owners that they are required to register with the Building Department before renting out any dwelling unit.  This includes apartments in commercial buildings, free standing apartment buildings, and private homes.  Of course, subdividing single family homes is illegal and punishable by significant fines.  Please contact the Building Department with concerns of illegal apartments.


Lawrence J. Montreuil

Mayor, Village of New Hyde Park